Conference Room

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Why Choose Our Conference Room

Unique Atmosphere

Escape the four walls of your typical boardroom. Let the serene backdrop of North Carolina's countryside inspire fresh ideas and invigorate the spirit of your entire team.

Stay Connected

Our conference room is equipped with modern AV technology, high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and a versatile layout to cater to various meeting styles.

Outdoor Activities

When it's time for a break or after your meetings conclude, attendees can enjoy a range of outdoor activities, from hunting experiences to nature walks.

Spacious and Unique

Conference Room

Located in the heart of North Carolina's wilderness, the Conference Room at Allen Brothers Outdoors offers a unique blend of modern business amenities set against a natural backdrop. This fully-equipped meeting space provides everything businesses need for productive sessions, while the surrounding outdoors ensures a refreshing change from the usual corporate setting. It's straightforward: top-tier facilities meet the great outdoors.

Escape the office!

A Space Like No Other

The Conference Room isn't just about location; it's about experience. Beyond the state-of-the-art tech and comfortable seating, it provides an opportunity for teams to think outside the box—quite literally. Natural light floods the space, reducing the fatigue of long meetings, while the serene outdoor views provide moments of pause and reflection. When the day's agenda wraps up, the surrounding Allen Brothers Outdoors preserve becomes a place for relaxation or team-building activities. It's the perfect setting for businesses seeking efficiency in their meetings and a fresh perspective from their surroundings.

Standard Rates

Our conference room daily rates are provided below. Please get in touch with any questions.

Conference Room

$500 per Day*

Enjoy all the amenities and comforts our conference room has to offer.

Up to 50 guests

Wi-Fi Available

Refreshments Served

TV w/HDMI Cable

*Plus State and Local Tax

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