Quail Hunting

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What Makes our Quail Hunts So Special

Experience the Thrill

Revel in the rush of a quail flush, the anticipation of the unknown, and the satisfaction of a successful hunt amidst our preserve's diverse habitats.

Flexible Timing

With half-day hunting sessions in either the morning or afternoon, we offer the flexibility to plan your quail hunt around your schedule.

Dog-Friendly Hunts

Enhance your hunting experience by bringing your own dog, or take advantage of our skilled hunting dogs to assist you in the thrilling chase.

It's time to experience

Quail Hunting at Its Finest

Step into the invigorating world of quail hunting at Allen Brothers. As the ultimate North Carolina quail hunting destination, we promise you the sheer excitement of watching a good bird dog go on point, and the anticipation of not knowing whether a single bird or a whole covey of quail will flush from underfoot.

Our quail hunts are typically scheduled for half-days, either in the crisp morning hours or the serene afternoon, providing flexibility for your outdoor adventures. Our preserve's diverse habitats create a thriving ecosystem for quail, ensuring ample opportunities for hunters to experience the thrill of the chase.


Bring Your Hunting Dog

You are welcome to bring your own hunting dog, an essential companion for any quail hunt. If you choose to bring your own dog, please note that their safety and management is your responsibility.

After your exhilarating hunt, our team will clean and package your birds for you. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or trying out quail hunting for the first time, join us for a hunting experience that will make memories to last a lifetime.

Standard Rates

Hunts are scheduled either in the AM or PM (8 AM-11:30 PM or 1 PM-4:30 PM).

Extra Quail, Chucker, and Pheasant are available too!

Quail Hunt

$580 for 2 Hunters*

Our world-famous quail hunt includes up to 30 birds for two hunters.

Includes 30 Birds

Chucker: $20

Pheasant: $30

Additional Birds

$10 each*

Fee for each additional bird.

Each additional bird

*Plus State and Local Tax

*Plus State and Local Tax

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Questions and Answers

Can I bring my own dog for quail hunting?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own dog for quail hunting. Please note that the safety and management of your dog is your responsibility.

Do I need any special training or experience for quail hunting?

While previous hunting experience can be beneficial, our quail hunts can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their skill level. Our experienced guides will provide necessary instructions to ensure a safe and enjoyable hunting experience.

How long is a typical quail hunting session?

Our quail hunts are typically scheduled for half-days, either in the morning or the afternoon. This allows for a flexible and relaxed hunting experience.

Do you provide cleaning services for quails after the hunt?

Yes, we offer bird cleaning services at Allen Brothers Outdoors. Please inquire for more details and pricing.

Do I need a hunting license for quail hunting?

Yes, a valid North Carolina hunting license is required for quail hunting. We can guide you on how to acquire one if needed.

Can I schedule a quail hunt for my group or family?

Absolutely! We cater to both individuals and groups. Contact us to discuss group booking details for an unforgettable quail hunting experience.

Do you provide dogs for quail hunting?

Yes, we can provide a trained hunting dog for your quail hunting session. Please request this when booking your hunt.

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Don't miss out on the ultimate hunting experience in North Carolina! Book your hunting adventure with Allen Brothers Outdoors today and enjoy world-class pheasant tower shoots, dove hunting, and quail hunting in our pristine preserve. Contact us now to reserve your spot and start planning your unforgettable hunting trip.

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